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5 Tips For A Successful Kitchen Remodeling Project in Baskin Ridge

Have you been thinking about improving your old kitchen? Save time and money by hiring the right Baskin ridge kitchen contractor the first time and call BNL Home Improvement. Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of a home, as we spend most of our time in that area dining and conversing with family and friends. So pay close attention to these 5 tips when you are planning a new kitchen design and renovation plan.

#1 Put Functionality First

You should never surrender the functionality of your kitchen for the purpose of how it looks. Often times, this will happen when designers try to "open up too much space". But it is not very practical for the stove, sink, and refrigerator to be placed too far away from one another. An inefficient kitchen layout negatively influences the functionality of the food preparation area, making cooking and cleanup difficult and time-consuming. Be sure to keep your living patterns in mind when choosing a layout. This helps to create a more practical design for your kitchen space.

#2 Maximize Your Storage Capacity

Most of the time, homeowners will want to rebuild for more space. There are many methods to maximize your storage and cabinet space. Some ways include: installing pullout pantry racks, helpful dividers for deeper cabinets, corner drawers, a lazy Susan for corner cabinetry, choosing more substantial drawer depths, installing shelving units where empty wall space is, using a ceiling-mounted rack for pots and pans, and placing cabinets all the way up to the ceiling.

#3 Give Adequate Space for Countertops

Counter-tops should be at least 2 feet in depth to provide optimal work-space for kitchen use. Furthermore, it is always good to include a slight overlap in your countertop's design so that any messy spills will not end up on the cabinets, but instead settle on the floor for easier cleanup.

#4 Choose the Right Cabinets

There are several cabinet knobs and handles available. This can make it a little baffling when browsing through all of the different options. We always recommend narrowing down your choices to the style and finish of your kitchen sink faucet. When considering the resale value of your home, high-quality materials and finishes are some of the top choices.

#5 Pay Close Attention to the Lighting

Lighting options can make an immense difference in the visibility and visual attraction of your kitchen. It can create excitement and ambiance in the space. Cabinets sometimes create shadows over the working area so "under-cabinet" light installations are a nice added touch. Always enhance the lighting in the most used areas of the kitchen by considering two or more lighting installations per work area. It is also a good idea to illuminate the sink area with recess lighting and use decorative lighting to hang above the island. We suggest the use of ambient light from wall brackets and fixtures to add some flair to the appearance of the space.

BNL Home Improvement knows that choosing a Baskin Ridge kitchen renovation service can be an overwhelming and risky process, but you can relax knowing that our professional kitchen designs and remodeling crew always get the job done right the first time while also maintaining a clean and tidy work area. You will be shocked at how our remodelers will transform your home into what you have always wanted it to be.


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February 1, 2021
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